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Rimac Banding Lab is a well-equipped applied technology center featuring advanced and flexible rotor banding machinery. It is used to conduct banding tests on rotors of various configurations and sizes.


  • Possibility to benefit from Rimac know-how and expertise in defining the best banding process for each specific rotor model.
  • Comprehensive sizing service using mathematical calculation models to determine the required pre-load for each specific rotor in its application field.
  • Support and collaboration with Rimac team to identify and choose the best material for each application and its supplier.
  • Assistance from highly qualified personnel with extensive process-specific know-how.
  • Possibility to witness banding tests in person through a dedicated commercial package.
  • Possibility to receive samples of custom-banded rotors for tightness and spinning tests.
  • The ability to test various types of tapes and resins for resistance, even at very high temperatures (>200°C).
  • The capacity to provide subcontracting production activities for batches of up to approximately 5,000 pieces per year.


The activities of the Banding Lab include:

  • Preliminary analysis of rotor design.
  • Selection and procurement of banding material (pre-impregnated fiberglass tapes/pre-impregnated carbon fiber tapes).
  • Banding tests.
  • Sample production.
  • Results analysis and report preparation.

Banding services

Rimac also offers the following banding services for permanent magnet rotors: making of prototypes and small-series production. Activities related to banding services include:

  • Banding of prototypes or small series using customer-supplied components and banding material (pre-impregnated fiberglass tapes/pre-impregnated carbon fiber tapes).
  • Quality control on banded rotors.
  • Results analysis and report preparation.

Rimac is the international market leader for permanent magnet rotor banding machines.


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