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Welcome to Rimac Machines company

Who we are

Rimac Machines company | who we are

We are a cohesive and forward-looking team, made up of dynamic young people and well-experienced manager and engineers. We move with determination, relying on a long tradition that has shaped and inspired us over the years.

Attention to people and teamwork are some of the values we believe in.

What we do

We support companies that operate in the global electric motor market, putting our expertise into practice in order to achieve unparalleled quality standards.

We are experiencing a steady and continuous growth thanks to which we are gradually enlarging our team and further investing in our assets. In doing so, we can offer you a global service that places quality at the center of our partnership.

Rimac company: what we do

The values of our company

Rimac ISO Certificazione

We believe in the culture culture of quality, without compromises.

Starting from the quality of the product, through the quality of the customer care, to the quality of the human connection: we try to build solid and long-lasting relationship with our customers, leading to a profitable scenario for both parties. In order to do so, we put all our effort into play.

It is our ongoing commitment to quality that led to ISO 9001:2015 certification: an internationally recognized standard that ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our customers through an effective quality management system.

Rimac company goals

Our dream is that every company producing high quality electric motors can benefit from Rimac advanced technology.

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Our achievements

Rimac Achievements

We work everywhere in the world. We have multilingual team able to communicate in English, French, German, Russian and of course Italian! Our specialist love to travel worldwide to reach every customer and provide the best possible assistance.



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