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Power tools

  • Rimac | Power tools sector

The production of electric tools is an activity that requires a continuous optimization process aiming at a constant increase in production efficiency. The respect of very low cycle times and machining efficiency are the key parameters when we enter into the world of power tools.
Rimac Machines is able to provide solutions complying with these criteria, always paying attention to the quality of the final product, which has alway been a distinguishing feature of Rimac brand products.

In the industrial sector of power tools production, our company has become a trusted partner for the supply of machines and automatic lines to manufacture DC motors.
We provide performing machines for commutator processing, such as:

  • Commutator turning;
  • Commutator undercutting;
  • Commutator slotting;
  • Welding of windings on the commutator;
  • Rotor electrical testing;
  • Rotor assembly stations

Robotized stations and pallet lines that represent an addition to the portfolio of processing machines complete our offer. This complete offer makes Rimac an ideal partner, able to provide global solutions to the customer.


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