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Permanent Magnet Motor Production Line

These machines are conceived to work both as stand-alone units and as units being part of a fully automatic production line with an automatic piece loading/unloading system.

The process developed by RIMAC implies the following workstations:

  • MAGNET GLUING: Automatic workstation for magnet handling and gluing by means of two different glue types. The magnet loading is done by a vibrating system.
  • ROTOR BANDING: Automatic workstation for rotor banding equipped with two different banding carriages mounting different tapes and guaranteeing the highest final geometrical compactness, after polymerization in the oven.
  • QUALITY CHECK: Automatic workstation checking whether the highest accuracy dimensional standards have been met. These dimensional standards have to do with magnet positioning and rotor diameter after banding.
  • ROTOR MAGNETIZATION: Automatic workstation for rotor magnetization. This machine can be equipped with different coil types for the magnetization of rotors varying in size.


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