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Special stands designed for the support and rotation of motors with square-section lamination stacks.


  • Locking ease and speed.
  • Facilitated motor rotation.
  • Assembly operations on the motor are significantly easier.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Ergonomics and safety.

Technical features:

  • Maximum capacity: 600 kg.
  • Robust welded steel frame with anti-corrosion coating.
  • Dedicated asynchronous geared motor for controlled motor rotation; rotation is controlled by a double safety foot pedal available to the operator (movable pedals with handles) and reaches 90° in clockwise and counterclockwise directions (for a total of 180°).
  • The rotation limit is guaranteed by the presence of 2 sensors positioned 180° apart from each other.
  • The weight of the motor is supported by a shaft with a double support bearing.
  • Motor locking system made with a floating fixed end and a movable end; the movable part is the upper part of the locking support; the adjustment of the position of the movable stop is done manually by the operator with a handwheel.
  • A pressure system checks the correct locking closure on the motor.


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