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Automatic loop winders for the production of traction coils and medium and high-voltage coils.


  • Controlled and constant conductor tension even as copper spool diameter changes.
  • Floating unit for conductor compacting and straightening.
  • Rapid and/or automatic conductor locking/unlocking and loop unloading systems.
  • Possibility to integrate optional functions, such as transposition (180° rotation of conductors), and taping.
  • High pulling torque to ensure proper winding tensioning.
  • Different levels of automation available, based on the required productivity.
  • Operator safety is guaranteed.
  • Full compliance with industry 4.0 requirements.

Technical features:

  • Multi-position de-reeler equipped with automatic tension adjustment systems applied to the copper flat wire.
  • Possibility to have a pivoting de-reeler for transposition in case of high-voltage coils.
  • Floating straightening and compacting unit for copper flat wires.
  • Conductor taping unit.
  • Rotary winding arm with control of pulling force, speed and number of turns.
  • Possibility of making loops having a length ranging from 200 mm to 4 meters and also trapezoidal in shape.
  • Possibility of equipping the machine with automatic winding arm length adjustment device, automatic conductor feeding and locking system, and automatic conductor cutting unit.
  • Continuous system for winding speed control and regulation to minimize acceleration and deceleration to which conductors are subjected.
  • Safety devices and safety fences to protect the operator during machine operation.
  • Integrated Remote Assistance module: Rimac technicians can remotely connect to the machine and start a real-time remote assistance session. By accessing to the control panel and to the PLC and then checking the operation of the machine, our technician can intervene directly and solve the problem or provide timely guidance. The module can be connected via Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or GSM card.


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