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Rimac and ewellix partnership: the result is a fully electric coil forming machine!

Rimac Machines has achieved another important goal in the electrical industry, creating a fully electric, oil-free machine capable of forming coils for AC motors up to 3.5 m in size.

Case study

The particularity of this product is that it uses electric actuators, provided by our partner Ewellix. Usually, machines of this type work by using hydraulic actuators, able to guarantee the appropriate force to complete the process.

However, they also have several disadvantages: noise, oil leaks and difficulty in controlling the movement of the pipes in the machine. On the contrary, using the electric actuators supplied by Ewellix, Rimac could develop a fully electric machine, capable of guaranteeing:

– A simplification of the assembly phase, resulting in no oil and fluid leakage.

– A reduction of the area needed to install the machine.

Our Technical Sales Engineer Marco Cattaneo, defined Ewellix products as more compact and with higher load capacity. To read the full story of this partnership, we suggest you to visit Ewellix website.


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