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  • Rimac | Railways sector

Rimac Machines has been working for the international railway sector, since the beginning. The cooperation with leading traction motor manufacturers allowed us to develop a large number of machines to manufacture and repair railway traction motors. These machines are able to speed up the manufacturing process of electric motors and increase the quality level.

The processing of copper bars in all shapes and sizes and the processing of the DC motor commutator represent the company’s core know-how.

Our equipment is used by the leading motor manufacturing companies and repair shops, guaranteeing quality, repeatability and high productivity.

For the railway sector we manufacture:

  • Machines to manufacture coil for AC motors and DC motors;
  • Banding machines, performing rotor bandage with fiberglass tapes;
  • Machines for inserting wedges nto the rotor stack;
  • Machines carrying out mechanical operations on the commutator (turning machines, undercutters, tig welding machines, cut-off machines);
  • Machines to weld coil leads;
  • Machines for bearings removal;
  • Machines for the extraction of windings;
  • Machines inserting windings in the stator.


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