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Mining and heavy industry

  • Rimac | Mining and heavy industry

The technology developed by Rimac Machines has historically been used in manufacturing sectors belonging to the heavy and mining industry, such as:

  • Steel;
  • Cement;
  • Paper mills;
  • Mines and quarries.

The first partnership that our company established with a leading company operating in these sectors dates back to the ’80s.

These industrial sectors require the use of highly reliable and performing electric motors in order to avoid unexpected and extremely costly production stops.

For this reason, the maintenance of these motors must be very accurate, meet high quality and repeatability standards and it must be planned in order to minimize production stops, breakdowns and unforeseen events.

Our company is able to supply machines that guarantee high quality repeatable results. In particulare, in the landscape of large DC motor maintenance machines, those in higher demand are machines for undercutting, lathing, commutator welding and armature banding.


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