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Industrial automation

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Industrial automation is a booming sector, both in terms of volume and technological improvement. Rimac Machines has been chosen by the leading national and global companies, to create solutions that make it possibile to reduce the cost of each individual motor, while improving repeatability and quality.

Our machines make every manual or semi manual oeration obsolete and the customer benefits from highly competitive standards.
For this specific industrial sector, Rimac Machines successfully designs and supplies:

  • Lines for the assembly of magnetized and non-magnetized permanent magnet motors;
  • Lines for the assembly of magnetized and non-magnetized internal permanent magnet motors;
  • High-tech solutions with robotized manipulation;
  • Advancedvision and quality control systems;
  • Rotor magnetizing systems.

The operations that represent our core know-how in this sector are:

  • The manipulation of magnetized magnets;
  • The bonding of magnetized and non-magnetized magnets;
  • The insertion of magnetized magnets in rotor pockets.

Relying on Rimac expertise means relying on the best partner for the development of highly qualitative solutions.


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