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  • Rimac | Energy sector

The energy sector has always been one of the main operating sectors of Rimac Machines, who has been able to grow and develop top quality technological solutions. The industrial sector related to electricity production requires the use of high performing electrical machines, to minimize all energy loss.

In this context, even the smallest detail can make the difference in meeting certai quality and efficiency standards. The collaborations established with national and international leaders allowed our team to develop technologically refined solutions to be integrated into our product range.

For example, straightening, stripping and cutting of copper bars are delicate and important operations, which our cut to lenght ± stripping machines of copper bars are able to perform at their best, guaranteeing top quality.

The large size of energy generators can be a problem for the majority of o manufacturing machines, as the significant weight strongly stresses the structures and generates dimensional problems. The strenght of our engineering team also lies in the ability to design tailor-made solutions that can easily rotors of any size and weight.

Our banding machines for rotors weighing up to 25 tons and being up to 8 meters long are a prime example of these capabilities.


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