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Rotor banding


Automatic armature banding is an operation that gives added value to those solutions implying magnets on the rotor surface and that are conceived to work with a high number of rpm.

Banding the rotor means choosing an effective and affordable solution to restrain the magnets, by fighting the centrifugal force in action during the motor operation.

  • Rimac Rotor banding 1
  • Rimac Rotor banding 2
  • Rimac Rotor Banding 3

Technical features:

Rimac supplies banding machines capable of using diverse types and sizes of bonding tape.

The banding module, that constitute the actual core of our banding machines, can:

  • Guarantee the banding pace, with high accuracy;
  • Heat the tape application area during the banding cycle, maintaining the set-point temperature;
  • Constantly control the tape tension;
  • Automatically cut the tape once the banding cycle is over.

These armature banding machines are characterized by advanced software and control systems which were developed by our engineering team thanks to our experience in the automatic banding of traction motor armatures.

The operator selects the required operation on the operator panel, loads the armature, applies the end of the tape and launches the work cycle.


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