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Magnet bonding


We supply machines for the gluing of magnet on the rotor surface (surface permanent magnets) or on the stator surface; our product range also includes machines for the insertion of magnets in the lamination stack (internal permanent magnets).

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Technical features:

The solutions conceived by our engineering team benefit from the use of several methods and materials, according to the field of application of the final product.

The use of industrial adhesives is one of the most common solutions when it comes to magnet setting, especially when it comes to top-quality products.

Our machines are able to:

  • Dose glues, resins and/or activators both on the shaft and on the magnet surface;
  • Handle and apply magnets with plane or hollow geometry;
  • Handle and apply magnetized or non-magnetized magnets;
  • Handle rotors and stators of all diameters with the greatest accuracy, ranging from small actuators up to big torque motors.

The operator selects the required operation on the operator panel, loads the rotor and launches the work cycle.

Choosing an automatic magnet-application machine allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce the production time;
  • Decrease the production costs;
  • Increase the level of quality of the final product;
  • Benefit from the greatest repeatability and consequently meet the highest production standards;
  • Reduce the risk of injuries among workers, due to the handling of magnetized magnets and the use of hazardous substances.


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