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stator and rotor stands


Rimac provides benches for the support and rotation of large rotors and stators.

  • Rimac | Stator and Rotor Stands 1
  • Rimac | Stator and Rotor Stands 2
  • Rimac | Stator and Rotor Stands 3

Technical features:

Our stands fall into two main categories:

  • Rotor support and rotation systems;
  • Stator support and rotation systems;

The rotor stands are characterized by a heavy-duty structure and two bearing rotor supports (one fixed and one horizontally/vertically adjustable) equipped with four wheels sustaining the shaft and being covered in soft material.
A system with mechanical reduction guarantee an easy and precise manual rotation of the rotor. If requested by the customer, the rotation can be motorized and activated by pushing a button.

The stator stands are characterized by a solid main structure, equipped with four rotating supports. One of these four supports is motorized and rotates a locking stator ring. The stator is inserted by crane and easily locked inside the ring, which has adjustable locking tools. At this point, the operator starts to rotate the stator, by pushing the motor drive button.

Both stand types make the coil inserting/removing operations much simpler and faster. Furthermore, the operator works in a perfect ergonomic position, having an excellent view of the working area.


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