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Test system


When it comes to electrical motor testing equipment and visual verification systems, RIMAC works in cooperation with leading companies in the sector.

These testing machines can be integrated in pallet lines for the series production of small DC motors.

  • Rimac | Test system 1
  • Rimac | Test system 2
  • Rimac | Test system 3

Technical features:

Rimac electrical testing workstations are designed to run the following tests that are required in order to guarantee the motor compliance and to meet the quality standards:

  • Electrical & functional tests (motor trials);
  • Visual inspection (vision system).

Tests belonging to both categories are performed thanks to a valuable cooperation with European partners having a well-established experience in the field.

Especially, our electrical testing machines perform the following electrical and functional tests:

  • Surge test;
  • Ohmic resistance test;
  • Current leakage test;
  • Torque test.

Visual inspection tests, which are performed by means of advanced vision systems, are aimed at detecting non-compliances or damages on the rotor surface.


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