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Commutator welding


Rimac provides automatic machines for the welding of windings on small DC motor commutators.

Thanks to our solutions, you can weld windings on the commutator by thermo-compression or brazing.

Our automatic commutator welders can be integrated in pallet lines.

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  • Commutator welding 3

Technical features:

Rimac automatic commutator welders belong to the core business of the company.

The first welding machine for small DC commutators was manufactured in 1980. Since then, our company carried out continuous R&D activities to further improve this product. The results of this activity can be found in the new generation of welding machines for small DC motor commutators.

Depending on the required level of automation, our welders can be equipped with:

  • Electronic systems controlling the welding parameters;
  • Systems for the automatic adjustment of the welding pressure;
  • Systems controlling the welding energy;
  • Vision systems controlling the welding area and searching for non-conformities;
  • Self-adjusting temperature control system to comply with the set limits
  • Automatic bar indexing;
  • Automatic adjustment of the welding stroke;
  • Filtration system for the welding fumes.

Rimac commutator welders were designed and manufactured to be integrated in pallet lines.


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