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Commutator slotting


Automatic commutator slotting machines are designed to create a connection area between windings and commutator, on small DC motors. Rimac slotting machines can be integrated in pallet lines.

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Technical features:

Rimac designs and manufactures high-precision commutator slotting machines.

In order to guarantee top-quality slotting results, our machines benefit from the newest technology: just to give an example, each machine is equipped with an optical unit for bar indexing.

Servomotors control both commutator rotation and the movement of the slotting unit. The horizontal axis on which the cutter moves is CNC controlled.

Some magnifying systems allow the operator to have a better control on the operation.

As optional, the customer can request to have the horizontal/vertical slotting axis CNC controlled. Thanks to this upgrade, it is possible to use special slotting programs having different depth (equipotential).

Rimac slotting machines can be integrated in pallet lines.


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