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Commutator & lamination stack turning


Rimac product portfolio includes the following automatic equipment:

  • Machines for commutator turning and finishing;
  • Lamination stack turning machines;
  • Machines for the turning of the connections between windings and commutator.

We are dealing with machines that can be integrated in pallet lines.

  • Rimac | Tornitura 1
  • Rimac | Commutator and lamination stack turning 2
  • Rimac | Commutator and lamination stack turning 3

Technical features:

Automatic commutator turning machines and lamination stack turning machines stand among Rimac’s top-of-the-line products.

Great reliability, high performances, working speed and compactness are the distinguishing features making these commutator turning machines an excellent solution for leading companies operating in the small DC motor mass production sector.

At the heart fo these machines you can find: “V” diamond shape supports, a support lubricating system, a specific turning tool, an advanced armature rotation system, as well as other efficient solutions guaranteeing hogh performances at competitive prices.

Our automatic commutator turning machines are manufactured to be integrated in pallet lines and designed to be loaded/unloaded by robots.

Today Rimac machines for commutator and lamination stack turning are unparalleled on the market thanks to a technical configuration guaranteeing a cycle time lower than 7 seconds and a bar jump of three thousandths of a millimeter.


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