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Copper bar cut & strip


These machines are designed to strip and cut flat copper bars of any size.

  • Rimac | Copper Bar Cut Strip 1
  • Rimac | Copper Bar Cut Strip 2
  • Rimac | Copper Bar Cut Strip 3
  • Rimac | Copper Bar Cut Strip 4

Technical features:

These cut & stripping machines consist of:

  • These cut & stripping machines consist of:, whose perfect dimensioning achieved after decades of experience, is essential for an effective straightening operation;
  • Feeding unit, whose materials and control systems are carefully chosen to guarantee an optimal functioning;
  • Horizontal and vertical stripping units, equipped with compensation systems and tools having different characteristics (the choice of tools depends on the required result and on the material being processed);
  • Cutting unit with vertical or horizontal blades (the choice depends on the processed material, the required cycle time and the desired quality outcome);
  • Passive or active accumulation warehouse equipped with systems for the accumulation and alignment of processed bars/ strips.

The integration of an easy and user-friendly HMI completes the offer when it comes to cut & stripping machines.

These cut and stripping machines can be upgraded with modules for 2D and 3D Roebel bending.


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