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Coil taping


Coil taping machines, applying insulating tapes on copper coils for AC and DC generators and motors.

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Technical features:

The coil taping process is a delicate operation that requires accuracy and precision. Rimac Machines has made the most of its thirty-year know-how in the field of industrial automation and control systems, to develop this line of coil taping machines.
The core of these machines is the taping head, which has a high-tech electronic system to control and manage the tape tension and the taping angle.
Maximum attention was also given to the development of advanced systems to control and synchronize movements, accelerations and rotation speeds, as well as the taping head translation.
Smart anti-vibration systems make it possible to keep the roll in perfect position during the tape application.
The combination of all these distinctive elements makes these coil taping machines able to guarantee high quality results.

The range of taping machines is various and ranges from basic models, up to the most advanced ones:

  • Taping bench with tape overlapping adjustment system during application;
  • Semi-automatic taping machine with 4 electrical axes, to tape slot parts and coil evolvent areas;
  • Automatic 4-axis taping machine, to automatically tape slot parts and coil evolvent areas;
  • Automatic 6-axis taping machine, to tape the full coil, including the knuckles.

The integration of an easy and user-friendly HMI completes the offer when it comes to coil taping machines for AC motors and DC motors.


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