Coil pressing


Automatic hot coil presses are designed to polymerize/ consolidate precisely and progressively the insulation of the straight parts of the coil before the assembly phase.

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Technical features:

These hot coil presses, which complete Rimac product range dedicated to coil manufacturing equipment, present the following distinctive features:

  • Easy, quick positioning and set-up of pressing units;
  • Accurate control of the temperature measured on consolidation plates;
  • Horizontal and vertical pressure can be set on HMI individually for each cylinder;
  • User-friendly touch-screen interface for an easy set-up of working parameters;
  • Possibility to subdivide the pressing program into independent sub-routines having their own working parameters;
  • Pressing programs storage;
  • Cooling by water/ air or mixed;
  • Working pressure and temperature are continuously displayed, real-time on HMI;
  • Possibility of future upgrades by addition of pressing modules to work on longer coils.

The technical configuration of these hot coil presses makes it possible to:

  • Obtain a high-quality finished product, optimizing the process of compression and polymerization of coils;
  • Configure and size the hot press based on current production needs, without excluding the possibility of future upgrades;
  • Reduce operating and production costs, by giving to the customer the possibility to be more competitive on the market.

Thanks to the design and construction solutions adopted, combined with the high quality of the components used, Rimac presses confirm their high-end positioning in the global landscape of hot pressing equipment for coils.


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