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Coil Forming


Rimac provides machines to spread copper coils for AC/ DC electric motors and generators.

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Technical features:

This product line of machines forming copper coils (also called “coil spreading machines“) is basically divided into two large families:

Pneumatic coil forming machines

Pneumatic forming machines represent an easy solution, to be taken into consideration especially when forming small-sized coils for AC motors.

Electric coil forming machines

Electric forming machines are able to shape AC coils, DC coils or both (AC & DC). In particular, in case of DC coil forming, our spreading machines are able to achieve both “frog shape” and “diamond shape“.
The automation level of electric coil forming machines is various and depends on the customer needs.
In the basic versions, only electromechanical actuators perform the forming movements, while machine setting and loop locking movements are manual and pneumatic.

In the more advanced versions, all the movements are electric and performed by electromechanical servomotors / actuators, in order to guarantee:

  • Maximum repeatability of the final product;
  • Maximum setting speed, thanks to the recording of working parameters and to the mechanical parts speed of movement;
  • Significant easiness and speed in the recording and storage of new profiles of coils to be formed;
  • Maximum spreading precision, when reaching the final geometry of the coil;
  • High-precision synchronization of the shaping movements performed during the working cycle;
  • Ability to form all coil profiles (standard, trapezoidal and flat coil) avoiding any damage to the surface of the conductors;
  • Adjustable forming systems capable of achieving the desired evolute final shape.

The integration of an easy and user-friendly HMI completes the offer when it comes to coil forming machines for AC motors and DC motors.


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