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Rimac designs and manufactures machines for the TIG welding of windings on the commutator of DC traction motors.

  • Rimac | Commutator Welding 1
  • Rimac | Commutator Welding 2
  • Rimac | Commutator Welding 3

Technical features:

We supply horizontal and vertical TIG welders, that are equipped with automatic TIG welding module performing spot welding and line welding.The operator can activate the bar jump function which prevents the commutator from overheating during the welding cycle.

The welding torch is mounted on three electrical axis guaranteeing a fast and repeatable positioning.

Rimac commutator TIG welders can be upgraded with the following options:

  • Brushing unit for commutator cleaning during welding;
  • Cutting unit for the removal of exceeding windings leads;
  • Welding fume extraction and suppression systems.

The integration of an easy and user-friendly HMI completes the offer when it comes to DC motor TIG welding machines.

Generally speaking, the TIG welding function can be integrated in multi-function machines performing multiple operations on the armature, such as turning, armature banding, undercutting and electrical testing.


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